Body Language

I remember as a kid, looking out the window, watching as my mom lead our horse out into the pasture. She had a grace about her, as well as the connection I noticed between her and her horse. It was almost as if they both understood each other in ways that were subtle and intimate.

Horses are natural healers, following the delicate vibrations from our body language. Some people think that a horse responds to aggression or the slight tug on the harness, but this isnโ€™t the case. Horses, as well as most animals, react to the gentle cues given by their riders or owners, directed through their body language. The movement of their hand pressed up against their neck, leading them to turn. The casual pressure of the foot slightly placed on the side of their ribcage. Perhaps, itโ€™s the casual look over their shoulder, leading the horse to turn to the right or left.

Whatever the allusion is, it is magical. Horses have a therapeutic way about them. Horse therapy isnโ€™t a new study. Many cases show that it helps people with both physical, emotional, and psychological challenges by giving them healing benefits, such as more confidence, higher self-esteem, socialization skills, better coordination, coping mechanisms, and body strengthening.

Our bodies are primarily made from water and energy, which transfers to those around us. Not only do horses sense our body language and our subtle cues, they also feel our energy. They sense when we are feeling sad or desperate. They feel our feelings, which helps us to better relate to them because we are all connected in one way or the other, but especially because we are all made up of atoms and molecules, which allows us to connect through our energy. Horses have the ability, as well as we do, to feel our energy and vibrations. This is why they say animals can smell fear; they may not be able to actually smell it, but they can hear it or at least sense it. This is what makes animals so amazing.

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