Finding Hope with Mental Illness


img_1417-1Mental illness is a chemical imbalance in the brain.  The majority of our society does not understand what it feels like to suffer with symptoms of mental illness; including not being able to think correctly.  It may seem like such a simple act, but for those of us suffering with mental illness, seemingly simple every day tasks take a toll on us and are not easy. It is difficult to maintain normalcy within a world that doesn’t understand how our brains work.

Those of us with mental illnesses are struggling every day. Always remember to treat everyone with compassion and love. We with mental illnesses are strong by nature, but also broken. It affects us very negatively when we are ignored or treated differently than anyone else.  But we can all do our part by helping each other, such as; giving someone who is struggling a hug, or offering a kind gesture. Just something to let us know that we are not alone; by leaning on people who we trust and who we can reach out to when we need them to be there for us.

Author:  RAH


What is your biggest fear? 

We all have at least one. One thing that really makes us shake down to our core when we imagine it. These fears are generally thought of as negative concepts; however, they can be turned into something positive.

Step one is learning to conquer this fear, and eventually the feelings of fear turn into feelings of excitement. This is an extremely empowering feeling. Turning something negative into something positive is really testing yourself, because you are slowly learning how to conquer your biggest fear and then you realize how much you can truly accomplish in all other aspects of your life. Conquering something that large for yourself shows how strong you are, and how strong you can be if you set your mind to it. The power of our minds is great, and it is a skill we should truly utilize and learn to grow.

Test yourself today; take small steps to conquer that fear of yours. Everyone has the power to better themselves ❤️




Happy New Year 2020!



The Jewels’ Angels Foundation would like to wish you and your family a new year filled with love, peace, and joy!  We don’t walk this journey alone.

Please remember to ask for help if you need it because the ones who love us want to help us, but don’t always know we are hurting, unless we tell them.

Life can be beautiful if we let it.  It’s not about the destination, but about the journey and those we choose to allow into our lives.  Let go of the toxic relationships and thoughts, by letting in the light.  The storm will pass because where there is rain there is also a rainbow in the light.

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International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day is November 23rd

Before I was unfortunate enough to becoming a survivor, I thought a survivor of suicide was someone who had contemplated suicide and had failed. It wasn’t until I was a survivor that I realized it meant more than that.  It was someone left behind, someone who had lost a loved one by suicide, a person who was merely existing with the agony of destruction of losing someone who they deeply loved.

A survivor is someone who drags themselves out of bed each morning, but yet somehow finding the courage to face another day; a day that may have moments of laughter, a day that may result in shedding many more unexplained tears of sadness, but in all the aftermath, this person is one of incredible strength because those of us who are survivors of suicide are some of the strongest and most courageous people I’ve ever met.

I personally like to spend this day with people I love, while remembering the person I lost.  A suicide survivor is someone who lives with the pain and emptiness of losing a loved one to suicide.  I believe the best way to spend this day and every day is by remembering their laughter, their joys, their funny phrases, and doing the things they loved doing with you.  It’s easier said than done but I believe that staying positive is one of the most powerful actions we can do in desolate moments like these.  I think it is important to remember our good memories with them, knowing that they are happy, and in a better place. It’s a cheesy phrase that we hear a lot when we lose someone, but it holds a deep meaning for me.  My wish for you is to find peace throughout your day.



2017 03 04_0540

As I sit here, looking into your eyes and smiling face – staring back at me from your picture that still sits on my desk – I’m reminded of the never ending pit in the bottom of my stomach, as the aching in my heart reminds me that you’re gone.

It’s been almost three years now, but the emptiness that remains has not left me; however, a reminder to my soul that will never be replaced.

Your picture reminds me of how fragile life can be.  How could I have known that this picture was to be the last day we spent together.  Even now, as I gaze into your happy face, I can’t believe that you are really gone.

It only makes me realize how short life can be and the everlasting importance to cherish every day – never taking those we love for granted.

Love is a gift.  When we die, this is what remains with those we’ve left behind, not the materialistic things we chose to value in our existence, but the love we carry in our hearts for those we are blessed to have in our lives.

When we’re feeling lost and alone, look around and reach out to those you love.  At times, we may feel alone and as if nobody loves us, but trust me, as a mom who has lost a big part of my heart the day God asked for his angel back, love is all we have.  Nothing else matters, but our love for those we have chosen to keep close to us and forever in our hearts.



Join us at the Out of the Darkness Community Walk on November 2nd

Support The Jewels’ Angels Foundation as we walk to fight suicide in the Out of the Darkness Inland Empire Walk .

This mission is so important to us.  We lost Jewels to suicide on November 26, 2016.  She was only 14 years old.  We miss her everyday and don’t want any more families to have to live with the loss we have lived with for almost three years and have to live with for the rest of our lives.  The more we speak about suicide, the more lives we can save ❤  She was our light in the darkness and we miss her terribly everyday.  This is why we will never stop the fight against suicide, until we as parents, siblings, friends, and family, can lay our head down at night with the peace in our hearts knowing that another loved one will NOT die by the fate of their own hands.

MAKE A DONATION  Donate to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Out of the Darkness Walk on November 2, 2019 in Rancho Cucamonga

World Suicide Prevention Day

Reconcile Photos_1918Why is World Suicide Prevention Day important?  It is important because it reminds us that suicide is real and sadly it does exist.

Some people think that suicide is contagious, that if you speak about it, out loud, it will give others ideations.  This is not true.  In fact, it is the opposite.  The more we speak up and talk about suicide and mental illness, the greater the chances are to prevent it or at the least, it will bring up a conversation that wouldn’t have been brought up if it hadn’t been asked.

So, on this day, let’s join in the conversation.  If someone you know is feeling depressed, isolating themselves, showing signs of self-harm, withdrawing from normal activities, taking on more risks than normal, talking about immortality, giving away personal items, fits of anger or aggression, or obsessed with death – pull them aside and ask them if they are thinking about suicide. Then be prepared to sit down with them and listen, and with any luck, they will open up to you.  But you must listen with kindness; without judgement, because they need to feel safe with their thoughts and their feelings about their darkest moment.

And as always, you are not alone in this journey called life.



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“Since horses communicate primarily through body language and feel, they interpret our actions in their own terms, not only to understand what they are saying to us, but to also know what our position, posture, and movements are saying to them.”  According to author Cherry Hill.

This form of communication is what lead us to start our Emotional-Support Teen / Horse Program.  Understanding non-verbal communication is so important, especially with teens because they aren’t so inclined to want to freely communicate or express their thoughts and emotions, as it is.

Let’s go back to the basics…cavemen had their own means of effective communicating and subsequently, so do horses, most animals, and teenagers.

Do you see the correlation?  First, by allowing the teen the opportunity to study a horses’ behavior, they too are learning about their own non-verbal communication and body-language.

Second, this simple and basic distraction is allowing the teen to think about something else, by tending to the horses’ basic needs and wants, taking the teen out of their head, if just for a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days.

To sum it up, each time the teen is interacting with the horse, they both are having a conversation with each other.  Through time, they will learn to understand one another’s behaviors, needs, and wants, without verbal communication.  And with this, with time, will come a stronger ability to trust, not only the horse with the teen and visa versa, but the teen with themselves, their peers, and their family.




We all have our favorite charitable organizations we like to support, but do we really know the importance to our giving?

There are so many benefits to giving towards our favorite non-profit organizations. First, it releases additional endorphins into our system that gives us a boost of satisfaction and pleasure.

Second, giving is a huge tax write-off.  There are several ways to give, to use this benefit.  You may chose to give cash (and any form of currency related to cash), donate an item, such as supplies, vehicles, land, or equipment, and one most people don’t think about, stocks and bonds.  Stocks and bonds is a great way to donate because it allows you to keep your cash for future investments, while you don’t have to pay capital gain taxes; whereas, if you sold your stocks or bonds in the stock market, you are now required to pay capital gain taxes on your gain in your investment.

And third, your giving gives you the recognition that you are helping to make this world a better place.  Non-profit organizations are primarily funded by grants, fundraisers, and your donations.  Without your support, they wouldn’t be able to continue their noble cause to changing dire situations and conditions to positive and healthy outcomes.

We can’t change the past, but we can make a difference in our future and the future of those needing the support from non-profit organizations.  Remember, they don’t exist for their personal satisfaction, but to help others in need of their services. It’s a very noble industry.  It takes a village to make a change, one person can not do it alone, but with the help of a community, there are no boundaries.  It probably isn’t said enough, but thank you…without our donors, we wouldn’t exist.