The Jewels’ Angels Foundation is a Non-Profit organization founded in April 2017.  The purpose of our foundation is to help teens see their potential as strong individuals.

Suicide is now the second leading cause of death among adolescents in the United States (Connor, Rueter, Kazak, 2006).  Feelings of sadness, lack of motivation, drug use, or change in behavior are often overlooked during the teenage years, and may be regarded as “just a phase” or an “overreaction”.  We need to understand that not all of these acts are just a phase of the adolescent years, and we need to pay attention to our teenagers’ behaviors and take them seriously.  Not all teenagers will reach out for help, or talk to an adult about how they are feeling so it is even more important that parents/care givers are aware of changes in mood or overall different behaviors.

If we focus on awareness, we can save lives.  It is important to be AWARE of the symptoms of depression, and the warning signs of suicidal thoughts/ideation.