Helping teens see that they are not alone with depression and educating on the awareness and prevention of suicide.



My mom and I decided to start this foundation after the suicide of my little sister; her daughter.  It came as a complete shock to us; we absolutely did not see it coming.

However, looking back on events leading up to her suicide, we remembered little signs here and there.  The problem is we did not ever think she was capable of doing something so permanent, and so we disregarded the signs.  We often thought, “she’ll get through this”.  We did not know how bad she was suffering, because she did not share her deepest feelings with us.

This is why we want to reach out to families and teens and stress the importance of paying attention to the signs–and taking them seriously.  She was a kind-hearted, sweet human being who cared about everybody and everything.  This foundation is for her and together we will save lives.


As a mother, you wish the best for your child.  You protect them, nurture them, love them, educate them, and hope they grow into strong, beautiful, and independent adults.

But when a tragedy happens, such as the death of a child, or even worse, your beloved child taking their own precious life, a mother, a sibling, a father, grandparents, friends, and family, are shaken to the core.  It’s a pain that is indescribable.  A pain that will never be healed, not even through time.  You are forever changed and scarred.

For these reasons, we have started The Jewels’ Angels Foundation, Inc., in honor to Jewels.  She was the purest soul; kind, and so compassionate.  She stood up for her peers who were being bullied, fought for their freedom to express their own beliefs and values, and always spoke kindly to the people she knew and to strangers.

Our aspirations are to provide this same value system, using kindness and compassion for teens struggling with depression, stresses at school, social networking and bullying.  And spreading awareness to parents, caregivers, and loved ones of teens on the warning signs of suicide.