Walk Out of Darkness

This Saturday we will be participating in one of the many Walks Out of Darkness, hosted and organized by The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This walk takes place in the Coachella Valley in Cathedral City, California. We, and many others who will be attending this event, walk for those who we’ve lost to suicide, we walk for those who are struggling with suicidal ideation, and we walk for the cause of suicide prevention.

During the Honor Bead Ceremony, we have been asked to each write something about our experience and a message of hope for those who are suffering from the loss of losing someone they love to suicide or someone who may be suffering with thoughts of suicide.  At that time, we will be releasing a white dove, which is symbolic to peace, love, and hope.

The walks are important because they help survivors realize they are not alone and there is a large community of people who have experienced a similar trauma. Also, it represents the ones we’ve lost to suicide in many ways: their pictures are posted along the sidewalks with a quote from them, and people wear shirts with their pictures or name on it. Also, different colored beads are handed out to represent why each person supports the walk. Orange is for loss of a sibling to suicide, and white is for loss of a child to suicide.

Spreading awareness and participating in community events to help prevent suicide is one of our biggest goals. We thank the AFSP for inviting us to yet another walk to display our foundation’s booth and give out our resources.



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