I just read this article in The Weekly about the efforts Corona-Norco Unified School District are making to get control over anti-bullying in schools.

The article is written by Shane Newell and it states, “Corona-Norco district’s campaign introduces to report incidents”.

It goes on to speak about how students can go to this website, the district has developed, and report any incidences on the webpage in regards to bullying or cyber-bullying, in the privacy of their own home.  Their message will go to the district and be read by an administrator, said Corona-Norco Administrator Director, Mike Ilic, and will be handled accordingly.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this nor am I sure it’s a step in the right direction in solving the problem.  First of all, on a positive note, I think this a great resource for students to have.  It will allow them the opportunity to speak up in the privacy of their homes and without the ridicule from other students, and possibly the bully, seeing them going into and out of the principal’s office.  Plus, speaking to the principal or an administrator may be scary for some students, preventing them from speaking up on this important matter.

However, my concern is how is the district going to handle it once they receive this information?  Second, how will they distinguish between who is the one being bullied, seeking support and help, and who may be using this support system in a negative way, such as to spread gossip.  Don’t we already have our children being isolated from communication with our social media?  Now, once again, they don’t have to face anyone, but sit behind their computers and iPhones saying things they don’t have the courage to say to someone face to face.  Let’s see how intimidating the bully is without their shield, called social media, but true communication.

I believe the district is trying to make efforts to move forward, solving our problem with bullying, but unfortunately, I am a little worried about the district’s intentions.  Are they really concerned or simply trying to protect themselves with a paper trail and following the guidelines of the new mandated state laws, to save face?

I’m worried that the school district is already too involved in our kids personal lives, and it is up to us parents to stand up and teach our children right from wrong. We need to teach them that bullying is wrong and it is unjust to be unkind.  We grew up with the saying, “Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will never hurt us.”  That is a lie we have instilled into our society and our parents and our children.  Words do hurt and sometimes they can kill, indirectly of course, but you get my point.

If any of you have an opinion on this subject, please feel free to comment in the comment section of our blog.  We would love to hear what you all have to say about Anti-bullying resources and strategic planning to put an end to this once and for all.

By using the following two hashtags, you can spread positive awareness on bullying and cyper-bullying:



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