California State PTA – EveryChild. OneVoice.

March 14, 2018 is “CALL OUT” To End Gun Violence

2018 National PTA Legislation Conference is happening with federal lawmakers in Washington D.C. on March 13-15, 2018:

  • Prohibiting the sale and possession of assault weapons, including automatic and semi-automatic weapons
  • Mandatory background checks
  • Waiting periods for all firearm purchases

The Jewels’ Angels Foundation, Inc. supports stopping gun violence, especially in our schools:

  • Stricter regulations and controls
  • Mental illness background checks
  • Gun owner responsibility – mandated by the Government
  • Mandatory gun safety (guns safely locked up) random searches by the NRA
  • Schools equipped with metal detectors
  • Gun safety education in school curriculum
  • Mandatory emergency drills (what to do if faced with a school shooting)
  • Social Media responsibility – alert proper authorities if faced with potential threatening posts or pictures; either in regards to self-harm or violence towards others
  • Teens being rewarded for speaking up if they know or hear of another teen speaking out about hurting someone else or hurting themselves

Every voice matters…we must stop gun violence!

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