Sometimes it seems that all this country thinks about is what they do not have. What they are missing, what they wish they had, and what they could have if they would have done this or that differently.

While these thoughts may be hard to get rid of completely, there is a way for us to better think about our lives. Try thinking positively about your life; instead of focusing on what we wish we had, instead focus on what we do have.

What are you grateful for? If we take the time to think about what we are grateful for in our own worlds it can greatly increase the positivity of our daily mindset.

I  am grateful for:

-My family, my health, my apartment, my car, my intelligence, my pets, my job, my determination, and my strength; just to name a few!

These are large things in my life that I am grateful for. Even consciously thinking about the little things we take for granted can make a big difference.

Subsequently, putting into our awareness the things we aimlessly take for granted, that not everyone may possess. Maybe its being able to walk, or being able to get an education.

Make a conscious effort to put into the forefront of your mind the things you DO have and the happiness and strength you DO possess.


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