Friendship plays a huge role in human development. During early childhood, the experience of socializing with friends and making connections with other human beings is vital to a child’s self-esteem, emotional development, growth of social skills, problem solving skills, and many other concepts. Friendships can also work to help children develop and discover their self-identities, as they move into adolescence. Simply having a friend provides a person one can rely on, share their ideas and problems, and be there to support each other through life’s good and bad times.

Having a friend is extremely important to adolescents because it gives them someone to connect with and someone who they can talk to about things they may both be experiencing. Transitioning from childhood to adolescence is an awkward and confusing time and friends can be a source of similarity. Talking to a friend about your transitioning phase, such as puberty, and having commonalities helps expand an adolescent’s confidence and helps them to understand that other teens are going through the same hurdles. Friendship also provide a sense of belonging and security in the teenage world.

Remember to be kind to one another. If someone is sitting alone at lunch, maybe try sitting with them and sparking up a conversation. If someone looks lost, walk up to them and ask if they need help getting somewhere. Humans by nature are social creatures, and everyone can benefit from some friendly conversation. Be understanding and respectful; lend a helping hand or simply offer some kind words to a stranger this week. Little moments can make a tremendous difference in a person’s life!



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