Fundraiser – Raising Funds for Our Teen Mentor Program

Miguel’s Jr. Restaurants
Tuesday November 28, 2017
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1039 West 6th Street
Corona, CA
Donating Back: 25%
100% Tax Deductible
The Jewels’ Angels Foundation is having a fundraiser to raise money for our teen mentor program – helping teens to see their potential and that they are not alone in this fight called Depression – Educating on the awareness and prevention of teen suicide.
Miguel’s Jr is a supportive advocate to our cause, with their willingness to contribute 25% of their sales we bring in on November 28th at the 6th Street location.
BUT you MUST go to the link provided and COMMIT TO EAT in order to make your food sale count!  YOU NEED TO EAT ANYWAY and aren’t you sick of TURKEY!
If you can’t make the event, any donation is greatly appreciated and tax deductible.
Thank you:)

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