The Law of Giving is quite a simple concept; however, one that is often overthought. A person does not need to have money in order to practice the Law of Giving. There are many forms of giving – a compliment, a smile, a simple recognition of someone’s time or efforts, and even a kind thought.

When we put out positive energy, it surpasses the ability beyond our circle and flows out into the universe, surrounding others who may later come into contact with us, either knowing or not knowing. Have you ever noticed that when you are smiling and engaging in eye-contact, that others notice this light in you and often times will smile back at you?

We are made up of energy, and that energy is transferred from us to others; subsequently, having a domino effect. We smile at someone, making them feel good inside, and they transfer that energy to the next person, and so on and so on.

So, the next time you are out and about, thinking that your smile, compliment, or positive thought, doesn’t make a difference, redirect that thinking process towards a more positive perspective – it does make a difference. This is what we all need during these turbulent times, positive energy flowing through out ourselves and into the universe, not hate, but pure love and kindness.

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