International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day is November 23rd

Before I was unfortunate enough to becoming a survivor, I thought a survivor of suicide was someone who had contemplated suicide and had failed. It wasn’t until I was a survivor that I realized it meant more than that.  It was someone left behind, someone who had lost a loved one by suicide, a person who was merely existing with the agony of destruction of losing someone who they deeply loved.

A survivor is someone who drags themselves out of bed each morning, but yet somehow finding the courage to face another day; a day that may have moments of laughter, a day that may result in shedding many more unexplained tears of sadness, but in all the aftermath, this person is one of incredible strength because those of us who are survivors of suicide are some of the strongest and most courageous people I’ve ever met.

I personally like to spend this day with people I love, while remembering the person I lost.  A suicide survivor is someone who lives with the pain and emptiness of losing a loved one to suicide.  I believe the best way to spend this day and every day is by remembering their laughter, their joys, their funny phrases, and doing the things they loved doing with you.  It’s easier said than done but I believe that staying positive is one of the most powerful actions we can do in desolate moments like these.  I think it is important to remember our good memories with them, knowing that they are happy, and in a better place. It’s a cheesy phrase that we hear a lot when we lose someone, but it holds a deep meaning for me.  My wish for you is to find peace throughout your day.

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