2017 03 04_0540

As I sit here, looking into your eyes and smiling face – staring back at me from your picture that still sits on my desk – I’m reminded of the never ending pit in the bottom of my stomach, as the aching in my heart reminds me that you’re gone.

It’s been almost three years now, but the emptiness that remains has not left me; however, a reminder to my soul that will never be replaced.

Your picture reminds me of how fragile life can be.  How could I have known that this picture was to be the last day we spent together.  Even now, as I gaze into your happy face, I can’t believe that you are really gone.

It only makes me realize how short life can be and the everlasting importance to cherish every day – never taking those we love for granted.

Love is a gift.  When we die, this is what remains with those we’ve left behind, not the materialistic things we chose to value in our existence, but the love we carry in our hearts for those we are blessed to have in our lives.

When we’re feeling lost and alone, look around and reach out to those you love.  At times, we may feel alone and as if nobody loves us, but trust me, as a mom who has lost a big part of my heart the day God asked for his angel back, love is all we have.  Nothing else matters, but our love for those we have chosen to keep close to us and forever in our hearts.


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