We have all heard the expression, “Skeletons in our closet”. What this means is that we have situations, feelings, or emotions that we haven’t dealt with in our life. They are called “skeletons” because we have learned to compartmentalized these negative thoughts to the back of our minds, leaving them there until we are emotionally better equipped to deal with them. Unfortunately, this is never the healthier alternative. 

Pushing these negative experiences away doesn’t mean they go away. They don’t. When they are ignored, the healing process is delayed. They have a handy way of sneaking up on us during our vulnerable moments. Perhaps not right away, it could be years down the road, creating problems with relationships and our own self-esteem – constructing unexpected anger and health issues. 

It is best to deal with the “skeletons” at the onset of the trauma, with a professional mental health provider. You will see a more efficient healing process, with positive results. Pretending that you can handle it on your own is a fallacy. We all need help from time to time and there is no shame in reaching out to others for help in times of despair. 

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