Santa’s Angels’ Fundraiser

This year, our Santa’s Angels’ Fundraiser, donated holiday gifts to the Operation Safe House in Riverside, CA. We are so blessed to have this organization to help find a safe place for runaway teens. They provide shelter for transitional living, food, a safe place to sleep, and support for teens between the ages of 10 – 22 years old. It’s a wonderful program and we were honored to donate to them this year. The counselors there were so nice and grateful for our contribution.

This year’s donors:

Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center in Murrieta (they also contributed towards Laura’s House)

The Harris Family

The Jensen Family

The Jewels’ Angels Foundation, Inc.

Mountain Mike’s Pizza in Corona

We couldn’t have made this fundraiser possible without our wonderful donors…a shout out to them and their amazing hearts!

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