Congratulations Senior Class of 2020


Congratulations to our Seniors – Class of 2020!  We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments. You did it and now it is your time to shine.  Your possibilities are endless, especially during these uncertain times.  The world needs leadership.  We need our young people to stand up to all the wrong in this world and make it right again.  Whether you’re going away to college or starting in a trade school or heading out on your own journey, we believe in you.  We need you.  This world is in such desperate need for some peace, along with new ideas and talents.

We have had so many challenges these past four years.  We’ve lost some of our young angels to deadly car accidents, murder, terminal illnesses, accidents, and suicide.  We must not forget them, so as you accept your honor of graduation, don’t forget to remember those who should have been standing next to you, but left this earth much too soon.  Remember them by their name and give a small prayer for the impact they’ve left in your life and in our world.  They will be missed, but never forgotten.

We would also like to remember the parents and families who have raised these wonderful young people and all the sacrifices they have endured to get to this point in their journey.  No matter whether they are watching you graduate from their cars with tears in their eyes or praying at your gravesite with tears streaming down their faces; just always remember how very proud of you we are, as both a community, your family, and your parents.

We love you Jewels – Class of 2020!


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