Finding Hope with Mental Illness


img_1417-1Mental illness is a chemical imbalance in the brain.  The majority of our society does not understand what it feels like to suffer with symptoms of mental illness; including not being able to think correctly.  It may seem like such a simple act, but for those of us suffering with mental illness, seemingly simple every day tasks take a toll on us and are not easy. It is difficult to maintain normalcy within a world that doesn’t understand how our brains work.

Those of us with mental illnesses are struggling every day. Always remember to treat everyone with compassion and love. We with mental illnesses are strong by nature, but also broken. It affects us very negatively when we are ignored or treated differently than anyone else.  But we can all do our part by helping each other, such as; giving someone who is struggling a hug, or offering a kind gesture. Just something to let us know that we are not alone; by leaning on people who we trust and who we can reach out to when we need them to be there for us.

Author:  RAH

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