We all have our favorite charitable organizations we like to support, but do we really know the importance to our giving?

There are so many benefits to giving towards our favorite non-profit organizations. First, it releases additional endorphins into our system that gives us a boost of satisfaction and pleasure.

Second, giving is a huge tax write-off.  There are several ways to give, to use this benefit.  You may chose to give cash (and any form of currency related to cash), donate an item, such as supplies, vehicles, land, or equipment, and one most people don’t think about, stocks and bonds.  Stocks and bonds is a great way to donate because it allows you to keep your cash for future investments, while you don’t have to pay capital gain taxes; whereas, if you sold your stocks or bonds in the stock market, you are now required to pay capital gain taxes on your gain in your investment.

And third, your giving gives you the recognition that you are helping to make this world a better place.  Non-profit organizations are primarily funded by grants, fundraisers, and your donations.  Without your support, they wouldn’t be able to continue their noble cause to changing dire situations and conditions to positive and healthy outcomes.

We can’t change the past, but we can make a difference in our future and the future of those needing the support from non-profit organizations.  Remember, they don’t exist for their personal satisfaction, but to help others in need of their services. It’s a very noble industry.  It takes a village to make a change, one person can not do it alone, but with the help of a community, there are no boundaries.  It probably isn’t said enough, but thank you…without our donors, we wouldn’t exist.



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