School Districts’ Play a Vital Role in Students’ Lives

School districts play a huge role in students’ lives. After all, it is their responsibility to protect our children / their students to the absolute best of their ability, even if it may mean them looking bad.

Bullying, for example, has shown its ugly face at too many schools, in the past decade. How are the school districts handling this outbreak of hostility? Many of them have picked up the anti-bullying campaign, but what are their tactics for handling this problem? Do they bring the student accused of bullying into their offices and confront them, along with their parents to discuss the seriousness of the situation?  Or is the school district weary of publicizing it to the student and their parents and for what reasons?

School districts have a reputation to uphold. They don’t want to look bad or as if they are to blame, in some way, for the bully’s behavior, so perhaps they keep it quiet and handle it in their own way, rather than confront it through a one-on-one confrontation. I’m sorry, but a school rally, preaching about anti-bullying isn’t going to fix it. Yes, anti-bullying rallies are good for bringing awareness to the student-body, but they do not stop the bullies in their tracks, nor do they make it undesirable to be cruel to another student. This is attained through direct communication.

The truth is, many schools experience bullying and a huge reason for this is because there are no distinct consequences established for bad behavior. Most kids will do things that they know they can get away with, without getting into trouble. However, if there were more consequences enforced for their bad behavior, perhaps, those same students may be less likely to act out through bullying.

Bullying is a serious crime, especially in today’s age, where the bullying can continue even after all the students go home…thanks to social media and cell phones. The day when we preached “words don’t hurt” are over, we all know that they do hurt. The school is obligated to protect their students, by making them feel safe, at least while the children are in school and on their campus, because all students have the right to feel safe while away from home. It is our responsibility as parents, friends, teachers, and especially administration, to stand up for students who are being bullied, and let them know we care and that there will be something done about it. The bully will be brought into the office with their parents and if the situation does not correct itself, the student who is bullying will be suspended and or expelled.

Drastic changes need to be made. The school districts are simply not doing enough to deter students away from bullying. As a community, we need to practice and teach kindness to others, and set a good example for the younger generations; by enforcing, that being mean to another human being is not okay and will not be tolerated! It is also important, as parents, to teach our children, in home, to be kind and that under no circumstance will bullying be accepted.  Remember, children follow our lead, so make sure to practice what you preach.

Please, spread kindness! The world needs it ❤



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