The definition of happiness is the state of being happy.  It is one of our many emotions. As any emotion, we all have varying definitions to how we feel and what our emotions personally mean to us.  Society puts so much pressure on us to be “happy”, but since it is an emotion, one cannot simply flip a switch and be happy.  An emotion comes and goes, such as anger, sadness, joy, or frustration. We may not have the choice to disregard negative emotions, however we do have the choice to control how these emotions make us react or behave.

Everything has an opposite effect.  We can’t find happiness with out knowing sadness and vice versa.  Happiness isn’t a state of bliss, it’s simply an emotion.  We won’t feel it forever, nor will we feel sadness or anger forever; if we understand this, we won’t be so disappointed with the fading of a happy emotion.  Yes, it was wonderful in the moment, but it WILL return.

We all have our own idea of what happiness means to us.  We may think we are happy when we have a lot of people around us, we think money will make us happy, perhaps a certain person makes us happy, or happiness can be as simple as the sweet fragrance of a flower.  Happiness comes from within you and if you are searching for happiness externally, such as solely from another person or environment, then we will always be disappointed.  It’s not an external feeling, that’s why it’s called an emotion, because it comes from within YOU.

Perhaps you feel broken and feel as if you will never be happy again; this is where you need to believe in yourself and take life day by day… maybe that’s being too optimistic, for now let’s just take it moment by moment. There’s always hope for the future- you don’t know what it holds!


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