Mindfulness is the act of enjoying your present moment – really thinking about, remembering, and taking in your current surroundings; such as, feelings, smells, sounds, moments. A lot of the time our minds wander; we may think about what we have to get done during the week or upcoming plans in the next month. These thoughts are okay, but it takes away from our current moment. Mindfulness, really taking in what we are doing/what is going on in our present time, helps ground us and encourages us to be grateful for the little things.

I know- it’s easier said than done. But staying mindful, and keeping a positive mindset is an important key to leading a happy life. Mental illness IS real, and a struggle many people deal with daily in their lives. Keeping a positive mindset won’t cure your mental illness, but it is a good tip to remember to help brighten up a dark day or to bring some perspective into your life on what you are grateful for. Constantly thinking negatively does greatly affect ones mood- the mind is a powerful being! The more negative thoughts you think, the more you will start to believe them.

Positivity is a powerful, and easy tool you can use throughout your day. It doesn’t hurt to try!



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