Is Suicide Inevitable


I’ve recently discovered that there are some people who believe suicide is inevitable, but I disagree.  I believe it is preventable, especially in teens.

The teenage years are an impressionable time in their young lives.  They are seeking answers from us and want us to have the right words to say to them.

It is critical for the adults in their lives; whether it be their parents, siblings, teachers, and / or mentors, to understand what to say to a teen who may be considering suicide. There are the right words to say and, yes, there are the wrong words to say to them during this sensitive time, especially, if they have chosen to reach out to you for help.

Suicide is not inevitable.  They don’t want to die, they just want the pain to stop.  By learning more about suicide and mental illness, we may be able to save a teen from suicide or at least prevent it from happening to your loved one.

If someone you know is suffering with thoughts of suicide, please reach out for help.  Our Resource page has links and phone numbers to Suicide Hotlines.

You’re not alone!

Please read the following link from the American Psychological Association:



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